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Revolutionaries to watch in 2012

10) Ted Alexandro

Comedian based out of Astoria, Queens. He’s on the pulse of the occupy movement. His smart, zen-like comedy will take off in 2012. Ted describes comedians as “lawyers for the absurd” with a “..strong sense of logic and justice.”

9) Dave Zirin

Sportswriter originally from Brooklyn, New York. In a world of good-ole-boy-network apologists, Dave’s pen speaks encyclopedias. He is living proof that one person with courage is the majority.

8) Ying-Ying Chang

Author and mother of writer Iris Chang. Ying-Ying’s book The Woman Who Could Not Forget: Iris Chang Before and Beyond The Rape of Nanking tells the story of her daughter’s passion for changing the world.

7) Investigative Journalists (Brenda Norrell, Kheri Hines, Ron Herd II, Keith Harmon Snow)

Reporting on the under-reported. These brave scribes speak with the energy of their respective communities fully behind them. No corporate censors. No ulterior motive. No nonsense. Keeping stories alive, this crew represents how the media should disseminate information.

6) Lauren Von Der Pool

Raw food chef from Washington DC, Lauren says “the healing process should be a celebration.” With an abundance of genetically modified foods flooding the market, Lauren’s skill in the world of raw cuisine makes her unique as she is driven. 2012 will the year when the idea that “food is information” returns to the collective conscious.

5) Grassroots Filmmakers (Iara Lee, Franklin López, Scott Noble, Christian Rodriguez)

The number of quality documentary movies is on the rise as the real stories of generations past are brought to light. These stories bring us to the present day as we dismantle institutions of oppression in a live revolution. It’s going to get quite “meta” in 2012. Some of the information is painful, but the healing and spirit of these creative people show there is a better world awaiting us.

4) Cultural Brokers (Izzy Brown, Stephanie McMillan, Gill Sotu, HawaH Everlutionary, Kirk Nugent, Ramomar, Scott O’MalleyMazatzin AztekayolokalliKRS-ONE, As’ad AbuKhalil)

With the rise of technology exposing crimes (livestreaming police brutality) and the destruction of the land to build those technologies (rare mineral mining for electronics) we are witnessing the energy of destruction/creation in action. These artists, scholars, and organizers take the trek back and forth between different cultures to explain what is necessary for the coming shift.

3) Naui Huitzilopochtli

Before the citizen journalists of the occupy movement, Naui was one of the first guerrilla cameramen. Putting a camera in the face of the white supremacist system saying “show me who you really are.”

2) Grassroots activist networks (Angeles sin Fronteras, Border Angels, Press Action)

The system is untenable. These aren’t your mama’s, SAVE DARFUR, USAID, and other tools of the global marketplace. These community-based groups are legit. You probably don’t know about them because they aren’t trying to turn a profit. #redcross

1) Dick Gregory

The legend. He knew Medgar Evars, Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, RFK, John Lennon, and Malcolm X personally. All those men were shot (by factions he will tell you about). He’s one of the most important Earthlings ever. In his 80th year –him and his wife do not have a prescription between the two of them. The wisdom is evident in his cadence. Whether it’s health, humor, or social justice – the answer begins and ends with Brother Greg. Although he, himself, is non-violent, Dick says radical abolitionist John Brown is “the number one human in the history of the planet…ahead of Jesus.” The alpha and the omega.