San Diego Padres: Bloody Friar-day: Shooting babies with PR Bullets

Dad, why do the Padres where different uniforms on Sunday?

That’s camo, honey. The military soldiers wear it.


So…they can blend into their environment.


Well, sweetie, the Padres are honoring the United States soldiers who have died for this country.


Because if it wasn’t for our troops going overseas, we wouldn’t be able to have freedoms such as TV and baseball.


Well, those people need to die so we can be free.


Because freedom is a weird concept where America gets to decide who lives and who dies.


Because we have all the best technology and money.


Oh, because we are winners in the global economic system. We didn’t have to pay labor costs during the slave era so we were way ahead. Now we just use sweatshops to stay ahead of everyone else. It’s the American way.


Because this country was founded on a genocide of millions of people.


I don’t know pumpkin, just wear your battle gear and be glad that we are allowed to stand up for the National Anthem when they tell us to.

I love you too, Daddy.


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