Body hair

Many women in this culture don’t seem to like hair growing from the backs of men. They seem to tolerate hair from the chest. This phenomenon confuses me. At first, I thought it was just an aversion to hair on the back side of the body. Although, when it comes to the legs of men: calf hair and shin hair both seem equally acceptable. Women will grow their head hair very long and cover their backs. So their disgust to little hairs sprouting from men’s backs confounds me. I found a very long hair in my pasta yesterday. It didn’t come from my back. I think it came from the head of an adult female. Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Body hair

  1. scabtheverse says:

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  2. jere says:

    “They seem to tolerate hair from the chest.”

    Not anymore, apparently. It hit me last summer that my chest/stomach hair has made me a relic, much like the way a Burt Reynolds mustache would. But whatever, I’m not shaving anything.

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