Ancient cats

Back in the ancient days, we would travel the astral plane with the power of our minds. Here in 2010, they are obsessed with using technology for the same purpose. They have space shuttles, airplanes, and cell phones. The ability for telepathic communication has been eliminated from these modern humans. They only use two eyes compared to our three – some have said their vaccination and inoculation program disrupts this ability. They are very fearful of dis-eases and viruses in this time. Food stores offer sanitary wipes for patrons entering the store so they can wipe down their carts. The unseen demon is everywhere: viruses, terrorist cells, and the ever-elusive failing economy.

They don’t realize that the human body is a sufficient machine to do everything they dream. But they keep building new technology to mimic what would be possible from an organic viewpoint. These people worship the machines that they create and spend their whole day trying to fix or improve them. Even the computer chips look like cities when viewed from above. Organic food is viewed as “trendy” as opposed to natural.


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